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Puppies For Sale


 See a list of puppies for sale by clicking the "PUPPIES FOR SALE" button!  If you do not find what you are looking for, please consult the list of breeders by clicking on the "BREEDERS LIST" button.  As a further guideline, please consider using our handy checklist when contacting a breeder, by clicking on the "PUPPY CHECKLIST" button.  It is also highly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the health considerations and information contained in the Health tab of this website.


  • In order to list details of your litter, kindly download and complete the "PUPPY ADVERTISING TEMPLATE" by clicking the relevant button;

  • Please submit the completed template, supporting documentation, as well as proof of payment by either fax or e-mail to: 

  • Advertising Cost:

    • R500 for 6 weeks

  • Payment:


      • Labrador Retriever Kennel Club
        Bank: FNB
        Branch: Rosebank 
        Code: 25 33 05
        Account Number: 50370038934

    • Please reference payment with: “YOURSURNAME – PUP”

  • Enquiries: Genevieve - 082 374 5318

  • REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVERTISING A LITTER OF PUPPIES ON THIS WEBSITE: As per policy of the LRKC and to promote sound breeding practice amongst breeders in the LRKC, advertising of litters on this website can only be done if the following requirements are met:

    • The breeder of the litter should be a fully paid up member of the LRKC for at least 12 months

    • There may be no unresolved complaints against the member wishing to list a litter of puppies for sale

    • The breeder must be a member of the KUSA with a Registered Kennelname

    • Proof of payment for website listing

    • For advertising on this website, the following should be available and proof should be submitted as attachments to the completed Puppy Advertising Template:

      • Registration certificates of Sire and Dam

      • Hip- and Elbow Dysplasia Radiology Report for both Sire and Dam

      • Result of genetic testing for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) for both Sire and Dam; "Clear by parentage" should be verified by providing copies of the test results of parents

      • SAVA Eye Examination Certificate for both Sire and Dam*

* The LRKC takes note of the fact that for demographic reasons it may be difficult to have the SAVA Eye Exmination done for all breeding animals and this requirement may be waived depending on the area of residence, however it will be pointed out on the listing that the SAVA Eye Examination was not done for the Sire / Dam concerned. For members in Gauteng and Cape Town this requirement will not be waived - puppy advertising will not be accepted without the SAVA Eye Examination Certificate.

The LRKC recognizes good practices in dog breeding and encourages compliance with such practices.  It does not guarantee the health or disposition of a dog.  Compliance is the responsibility of the LRKC Member.  The LRKC maintains a grievance procedure for referral of complaints.  The purchaser retains his/her statutory and contractual rights.  The LRKC disclaims any liability relating to the health or disposition of a dog or the conduct of a member of the LRKC.  The LRKC cannot guarantee that the dog or its subsequent progeny are free from any inheritable congenital conditions nor can it guarantee any standard of performance of the dog.

Photo by Sharon Rogers ©

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