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About The Club

The Labrador Retriever Kennel Club was founded in 1958 to further the interests of the Labrador Retriever and its enthusiasts in South Africa.  Today, we have members across South Africa, in neighbouring Countries and indeed, the United Kingdom.

We intend to be your "go to" for any information about the breed, whether it be learning more about Labradors in general, health questions or introducing a Labrador into your home.  Through our membership base, we have a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of owning a Labrador, including behaviour, training, health, breeding, exhibiting and field trialing.  We therefore invite you to explore our site and get in touch with us.  Navrae in Afrikaans is baie welkom.


The Club hosts three breed shows each year and a field trial, all under the auspices of the Kennel Union of South Africa.  We also host fun days, breed seminars and participate in exhibitions from time to time.  Keep in touch with us through the website to find out about our events and feel free to join us.

Most of all, our Club is intended to provide a platform for fellow Labrador enthusiasts and owners to network, make friends and enjoy a sense of community.

Please consider becoming a member of the Club and click on the 'Become A Member' button below for more information.


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