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Club Grievance Procedure

Procedure For Handling and Investigating Complaints Received by the Labrador Retriever Kennel Club

General Guidelines:

  1. On receipt of a written complaint the Secretary will acknowledge receipt and forward it to the Chairman for further instruction and to the Management Committee for comment.

  2. The Chairman will review the complaint and any comments submitted by the Management Committee and will have the discretion to appoint any other official, member or subcommittee of members to investigate the complaint, obtain specialist advice if required and submit a written report of findings and recommendations to the Management Committee.

  3. Any investigation conducted must ensure that all parties concerned or that may have interests in the matter are:
    informed of the details of the complaint in writing;
    given the opportunity to request further information or clarification;
    requested to respond or comment in writing.

  4. The Secretary will coordinate all correspondence, findings and recommendations and forward to the Chairman and members of the Management Committee for comment.

  5. If the complaint does not concern the behaviour or conduct of a member of the LRKC but concerns the interests and well-being of the breed or relations between people and dogs in general, the Chairman or his nominee will respond in writing to the complainant and any other interested parties with findings, recommendations, suggestions or offers of such further assistance to resolve the matter as may be warranted or within the powers of the LRKC.

  6. Findings of a complaint against a member of the LRKC will be handled in terms of section 13 of the Constitution of the LRKC.

Photo by Sharon Rogers 

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