The Labrador Retriever Kennel Club has keen interest in the well-being of all Labradors in South Africa, especially those less fortunate to have been abanded, or fell in need of a new home due to circumstance. Unfortunately this need has become so big that we need to separate the Labrador Rescue Group from the LRKC. In September 2013 we were registered as an NPC (Not for Profit Company) and are now called Labrador Rescue South Africa with our own structures and systems – including a new logo - but are still affiliated to LRKC.

THe activities of Labrador Rescue now mainly runs through social media, managed by a whole network of people country-wide. Labrador Rescue South Africa Facebook page is where you can follow activity and request assistance if you come accross a Labrador in need or need support to re-home your own dogs due to circumstance.

A heartfelt and grateful thank you from us to all LRKC members who include a donation to Rescue in their yearly subscriptions. Please feel free to continue to do so and LRKC will pass them on to us. Alternatively, our new banking details are listed below.

We have homed or been involved to some extent in the rehoming of hundreds of Labradors (and a few friends) every year and we operate across South Africa. Lab Rescue SA continues to be very pro-active and we have been involved in rescuing Labradors from dog fighting rings, returning Labradors to their owners from raids at the border involving the Angolan dog trading cartel,  re-uniting clearly owned and much loved and missed dogs that have lost their way or been stolen or escaped with their owners via our page.

Hundreds of dogs in shelters and SPCA’s have been homed via Lab Rescue SA either through the Facebook page, our weekly list of dogs looking for homes or through direct referrals from us to families on our database. This list of Labradors looking for homes lists on average 70 Labradors and Labrador Cross dogs a week.

We are also involved in finding homes for puppies from “accidental matings” and breeders who are unable to sell their puppies and will continue to be strong supporters of sterilizing animals.

We continue to work closely with SA Guidedogs Association (SAGA) and are involved in rescue dogs in various stages of training with them.

We have in the past successfully placed 2 dogs with a company specialising in explosive detection and sniffer dogs. The two dogs placed here were difficult to rehome as they did not get on with other dogs and also had incredibly high energy levels and ball drive, making them a handful for any family. We are pleased to report that they are doing very well and have completed the training course in half the time that it normally takes plus the handlers say they are a pleasure to train and have already decided who will take them home on completion of their working life. The dogs are loving it and are looking fantastic.

Kennelling fees and Vet bills continue to be our largest expense even with the help and reduced rates offered to us by our amazing kennels and vets.

We are still kennelling dogs at Badham’s Kennels in Fourways when we need to. They are very good to us and help us with the rehabilitation of traumatised dogs. It is very comforting to know that the dogs there are much loved, walked daily, brushed and played with on a regular basis. For some of the dogs it is the first time they have had this attention and for the dogs whose families are no longer able to keep them it is a comfort to still have so much human interaction. We are blessed to have them.

Fourways Veterinary Clinic and Paulshof Vet in Johannesburg and in Cape Town VetPoint Clinic and EnviroVet CVC’s outreach programme helps us with sterilisations, inoculations and other professional services at special rates or even waives fees in certain cases. We are in the process of including more vets in other areas so we are able to offer these services in more areas.

Luckily we don’t really come across many really abused dogs very often, but we do meet lots of neglected dogs sometimes in surprisingly wealthy neighbourhoods.

Alarmingly, there has been a big increase in cases of people who pack up and move – leaving their Labradors behind, in some cases chained with no access to food and water.

We are very blessed in that we have a few wonderful foster homes around the country. These amazing people take in dogs at a moment’s notice and love and care for them for as long as it takes to find good homes. These people are true angels and we are very grateful to them.

We have been featured twice in Cesar’s Way magazine – we are presently in the December issue, and exhibited at WODAC with great success adding over 300 names to our database of possible homes.

Our Facebook page has over 5000 “likes” and is a powerful tool for us when looking for homes, foster homes, lifts, people to help with home checks and just generally raising awareness about Labradors.

Please check out and like our face book page!/pages/Labrador-Golden-Retriever-Rescue/272787116094225

We are always on the lookout for new helpers and volunteers to assist with home check, collecting dogs, taking dogs to vets or kennels. We always need foster homes or even safe houses for a couple of nights for emergency cases.

If you would like to get involved with Labrador Rescue, please contact either Sharon on or Ricki on We would love to hear from you.

Lab Rescue SA – We’re about the dogs

Banking details

Labrador Rescue SA
Standard Bank
Rivonia Branch
Branch code: 00-12-55
Account Number: 22 00 26 610
REF: Your/ DogsName/Donation

Labclub members are free to continue with donations towards the Rescue and Rehoming project. Contributions paid into the LRKC account must please be specified clearly as Rescue/Rehoming money and the amount allocated as such will be transferred to the Lab Rescue SA Account. Alternatively members can donate the money directly into the Lab Rescue SA account.

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